Steve at an early age, was born crippled, having to wear braces on his legs in order to walk, and was told by professionals that he would, “never walk again”. Determined,  Steve said,  “I will one day be a professional Athlete!” 

   By the time he reached Graduation of his high school years, he had become an all conference MVP high-school Basketball  player earning a 'full-ride' sports scholarship. After playing College basketball, Steve pursued power-lifting and gained 130 lbs of muscle without the use of steroids.

   Today, Steve is a power-lifting champion, and in July 2009, he broke the Guinness Book of World Records by breaking 30 bats over his thigh in 53 seconds! He has appeared on such television broadcasts stations as: ESPN, RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOTISKA World Power Brick Breaking Championships, America's Got Talent where he ran through 3, 2x4's, with one flex of his chest, as they burst into flames! He also appeared on  STEVE HARVEY'S BIG TIME!ABC, and CBS!

   Steve's passion is to motivate students to be a champion in life by making positive choices .He has traveled the world for 14 years conducting school assemblies for all grade levels! His encouraging and powerful messages captivates the students while the feats of strength hold their attention. Steve shares a positive message capturing the hearts and changing the lives of students at all grade levels!



Jonathan Caldwell

Standing 6'2", and weighing 250 pounds, Jonathan is an expert in Mixed Martial Arts and a Professional Body Guard. Jonathan has over 9 years experience working in Law Enforcement. During his time as an officer he has been involved with the SWAT unit as a Sniper and The Narcotics Task Force as a K-9 Handler, and is currently a patrol officer with the Dallas Police Department.

Jonathan can also bench press over 400 pounds and has a strong mind, holding two degrees in Sports Medicine and Christian Education.


Danny Benedetto

Danny is 6ft 1in tall and weighs 225 lbs. He can drive his head through 2 feet of concrete and rip license plates in half. He also can leg press 2,000 lbs.

Danny has a heart for this generation and has spoken in hundreds of schools across the nation.


Tommy Sirotnak

Tommy is 6ft 2 inch tall and weighs 275 lbs. He was a walk on at USC and played nose guard. He also was the defensive team captain.

Tommy can crush diet 7up cans with his bare hands and run through five 2x4s with 1 flex of his chest!

Andy Gavin

Andy is 5"10 and weighs 260 lbs. He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was an all state baseball player in highschool and played one year of semipro baseball right out of highschool.

Andy competed in North American strongman competitons as well. He can snap a baseball bat behind his back.


Clarence Lee

Clarence is a national champion football player from Florida state university. He played lineman under coach Bobby Bowden.

Clarence bench presses over 600 pounds and holds the school record!! He set a bench press record at the NFL scouting camp and played professional arena football as well.


Clarence Lee Video Clip
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